Sunday, October 23, 2011


A few pages from my sketchbook....

Ignore the weird spiral thing...

Also, I wanted say thanks to my friends Jon and Diem for helping me out with gesture drawing. I think it finally clicked for me and I realized I REALLY have to push my gestures. Hopefully I'll get better the more I do it, and be awesome at drawing like everyone else.

Not only that, I decided to buy The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection today. 

I have never played ICO, however I hear many great things about it so playing it will be a blast. As for Shadow of the Colossus, it is more than a game, it is a work of art. I played it on PS2 and playing it again in HD is well worth it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. :)

I don't play games as much anymore and I probably won't get to for a while, but when I do, it's always fun, plus there's nothing wrong with getting some inspiration by its artwork right?

And speaking of artwork, the Official Shadow of the Colossus Artbook and Guidebook can be found here
It was never released outside of Japan, unfortunately. :(

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