Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday oh Thursday.

The past few days have been pretty awesome.

On Thursday, my teacher dressed up as Thor and modeled for our gesture drawing.

Pictures of the "God of Thunder"

Then, there was a guest lecture by one of my favorite artists, Pascal Campion

My "notes"

One thing he said that really appealed to me was that he "tries to get people to smile at least once a day." He likes to tell stories with his drawings and that's what I really would like to do. 

He also demoed for us and showed us how he goes about with a drawing. It was interesting to see how he worked, as it was spontaneous for the most part. He would just add characters as he saw fit or if he feels like it.

This was what he drew for us during his demo. It was done on Adobe Flash.

I wanted to get his autograph at the end of his lecture, but I unfortunately had to leave early. Speaking of which, it was my younger sister's Senior Night Volleyball game, so I felt that it'd be good thing to be there. And well, they won. Awesome game Angie!

Also check out this video of Pascal Campion made about a year ago. I came across it through my friend, Jon, and it was definitely inspiring. :)

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