Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Lion King

Last Thursday, my friends JonathanPatrick, Kathy, Jessica, and I went to go see The Lion King in 3D in theaters. I must say it was quite awesome. I especially got chills during the stampede sequence. It reminded me of when I watched The Lion King on Broadway at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I loved how the stampede was done and not only that, the music is so breathtaking. It's no surprise that I keep listening to the Original Broadway Cast Recording of it all the time.

Anyhoo, here is a sketch I did back in July of a mannequin of Scar.

 ....and here is the photo I took with the mannequin of Scar. :)

I also ordered the Diamond Edition of The Lion King on Blu-Ray so I should be receiving that this week. 
Fun stuff!

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