Friday, January 17, 2014

Fig Oar Paynt

This past week was the Winter Figure Drawing Marathon.

It was a really fun experience overall.

The first guest was Mark McDonnell.

He went over costumed figure drawing and actually was able to help me loosen up in terms of drawing. In his words, I had to "unclench."

Second was Eric Wilson.

He showed us how to model a figure in clay and also introduced us to a really cool resource for artists.

It's kind of like Netflix, where you pay a set monthly fee and get unlimited access to their resources. There are drawing and painting instructing videos as well as 3D models for anatomy studies. The videos are all from known professionals.

Definitely a good investment in my book.

Third was SJSU A/I Regular Cameron Chun.

Cameron went over figure painting.

Here is mine, turned out to be one of the better ones. ^__^

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