Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Plein Air #2

There's this tree across the street from my house that has bloomed white flowers.

The white had a tiny bit of yellow in them however, but white was really hard for me to get to show up using the gouache. No matter how much white I used, it just didn't seem to give the effect I wanted.

Maybe I really should have just used a lot more white.


  1. Hey Kevin looking good. So the thing about gouache is that you kind of have too work from light to dark to have the effect of the white flowers showing on the tree. I guess kind of like working with watercolors, establish the lightness of the flowers then working around that adding the darker shapes of the leaves and so forth. Yeah sometimes adding white doesn't seem to make things lighter when working with gouache (oh have I learned that the hard way) lol Actually adding titanium white sometimes makes things cooler in temperature. yeah keep going Kevin!

  2. Oh wow that really......opens up a lot. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind next time!!!!