Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Starry Skies

Last night was the Perseid meteor shower and while I did not attend, two of my good friends did, Sean and Jeremy. Even though they stayed up all night knowing there was church in the morning, I'm sure neither of them regret staying up one bit. 

This painting is inspired by them, who took the time to admire God's beautiful creation. It was under the stars where they saw just how small we are. There are numerous stars out there that are much larger than our very own Sun, yet they seem so minuscule being so far away. But these things, no matter the size pales in comparison to the ever-awesome power of our Heavenly Father. Yet even as small as we are, He loves us just the same.

Sean and Jeremy learned something that night, and they inspired me to be hungry, hungry for more knowledge and to keep learning to succeed as an artist under God's grace.

Gouache, no reference

*I originally wanted the sky to be opaque, but I ended up liking the watery look. ^^

1 comment:

  1. This is great! I like how you describe God's power: "ever-awesome". So apt.
    Good job with the painting! The colors complement one another very nicely, and I like the nostalgic mood that you present, with a sense of an almost child-like wonderment coming through.
    And I absolutely agree with you on the watery look for the sky; it's a very nice effect!