Thursday, December 29, 2011

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A multitude of events have occurred fairly recently that I am truly blessed to have been part of.

On December 11, I was baptized at San Jose Christian Assembly along with my friends Aimee, Christine, Kelly, and Pamela. 

Pastor Jason and Pastor Alice gave each of us a new bible as a gift!

Here is mine

My name was supposed to be engraved on it, but the material didn't exactly "agree" with it. Oh well it's still a cool bible! :)

About a week later I believe, The SJCA crew ended our semester bible study with a Winter Retreat at Seascape Beach. May I say it was quite beautiful.

More photos here

A week later and it's Christmas!!!!! It was great to have been home and spend time with family. We had hot pot!!!

....and for dessert, my mom's homemade flan! There isn't any other way to eat flan! (No offense to other mom's flan.)

Three of my Christmas presents this year:

 From my parents and younger sister,

From my roommate, Johnathan 

...and from my other roommate, Sean!

Thanks everyone!!

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